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About One Source Talent

One Source Talent, founded by Anthony Toma in 2003, is an innovative service for professional actors and fashion models. OST employs a large and totally interactive database of new and proven talent ready and willing to meet the creative needs of a variety of clients across multiple industries.

Their goal is two-fold: to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for its clients and to cultivate long and mutually beneficial relationships between talent and clients. is the perfect place for producers, casting directors and modeling agencies to find fresh talent for their projects. It is also the perfect place for models and actors of all ages to gain access to the highly competitive entertainment industry. OST can help models find modeling jobs and actors find acting  opportunities.


We strongly recommend heading over to main One Source Talent website and checking out the one source talent reviews page where real talent have submitted stories of their experience with the company and how they helped them succeed in the world of modeling and acting.

Since its founding, they have become a major player in the talent services industry. With locations all across the United States, OST provides aspiring models and actors a fun and constructive environment to grow as a professional and learn the ropes quickly.


They have even helped models make connections with major agencies and actors find casting calls, and have even had success helping young actors land major opportunities such as Disney Channel auditions and Nickelodeon auditions.

Currently, OST has offices in Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Providence, Detroit, New York, Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles, with plans to open new locations in other major cities soon. OST maintains its headquarters in Troy, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Acting and modeling are two of the most stressful, competitive and difficult industries to break into, and finding the right audition or agency can be more than half the battle. For aspiring performers who are confident in their ability, rocking auditions and casting calls is the easy part – it’s finding clients who are willing to look at a fresh face that’s the challenge. Clients actually have similar concerns, they want to find new talented actors and models just as badly as the talent wants to find them.

That’s why One Source Talent is dedicated to bringing performers and clients together to form meaningful relationships through an interactive database system. The database profiles in detail different actors, models and helps agencies and photographers find exactly the kind of talent they are seeking. In this way, One Source talent makes the industry more about quality and meaning and less about social circles.

For talent, creating a profile on OST means that clients who are looking for someone with your characteristics will find you! You’ll also get casting call and audition notices, an email account, and a benefits program involving certain businesses.


Even if you are not a talent with One Source, you can still access their acting auditions page that is open to anybody and everybody. It's absolutely free to apply to the auditions.

For clients, you will get access to a user-friendly database of talented individuals looking for work. These profiles have already undergone a talent evaluation, so you can be confident in their sincerity. You can also expect top-notch customer care that is efficient and informed.

One Source Talent is changing the way the entertainment and art industries work. We want to move the emphasis back to innovative ways to form meaningful connections to fit your needs. Our business is passionate, dedicated, and committed to you!


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